Our consultants will accompany you from the conception and up to the production stage of your application’s development cycle.

We are thriving at understanding your needs and translate them in unique beautiful and useful applications.

Our technical area of expertise includes:

  • Database Design, Development and Management.
  • Application design, development and publishing.
  • Design  and Development of Data Integration (ETL) routines.
  • Creation of statistical tools and application in R Shiny.
  • Securing your Web Applications against IT Threats.

Our clinical/ statistical area of expertise includes:

  • Analysis of Epidemiological Data (longitudinal, Cross Sectional) .
  • Analysis of Clinical Trials Data.
  • Health Economic Cost Effectiveness Analysis.
  • Bayesian Analysis of Health Data.

We are focused to create solutions that suits your needs. Our portfolio includes the creation of:

  • A global registry of patient with Familial Hypercholesterolhaemia (FH).
  • An application and database that centralize all peer reviewed literature on cancer, diet, nutrition and physical activity.
  • An application that helps to merge Reference Manager document and de duplicate million of references.
  • An application that use Data Sciences techniques to classify newly published cancer related articles likely to be included in a meta-analysis. This application get the result from PubMed directly.